Every day we dedicate the maximum commitment to the pursuit of good food, obtained from a food model based on safety and transparency. We want food to be a pleasure of life to share with those we love, to bring everyone the joy that only well made food can give.

And Italy is the best place to produce good food, thanks to its perfect geographical position. In this long and narrow peninsula, the good winds of its seas meet with the fresh winds of the mountains and hills, creating a unique condition.

Here, at the foot of the Alps in the north-west of Venice, our cows produce the best milk in the world. The result of Adriatic and Dolomites wind, which is transformed by us, thanks to ancient recipes passed on since 1887, by adding only rennet and salt and obtaining 100% natural cheeses.

Fiordimaso reflects the lively, bold, adventurous and typical spirit of Italy and its people. A land where the life is lived to the fullest, with an active, fun loving and healthy lifestyle always accompanied by good food, good friends and good drinks.